Student Organization policies

The purpose of this page is to assist student organizations in acquainting themselves with the policies and guidelines that govern the use of logos in their work.

Student Organization Guidelines

All student organizations at Mines or organizations associated with Mines (i.e. using the Mines trademarks) must follow the guidelines below regarding printed and digital materials:

  • Do not include language or symbols representing violence, alcohol or drugs
  • Do not include language or symbols featuring distasteful or offensive topics

These guidelines apply to all registered student organizations, student-run organizations receiving and using Mines funding, and fraternities and sororities.

Student Organization Logos

Registered student organizations may create a unique logo that is subject to the guidelines listed below and approval by the Communications and Marketing Office. The university asks that an official, unmodified Colorado School of Mines logo be present on all merchandise and apparel items produced by student organizations.

Three students giving a thumbs up at the student fair

Unique logos for student organizations

While unique logos may be created, the Mines Communications and Marketing Office does not produce the logos. Student organizations must incur all costs related to the production of unique logos, and they must follow the guidelines below. All unique student organization logos are subject to review and approval by the Communications and Marketing Office.

Unique logos may not:

  • Include registered Colorado School of Mines trademarks,* including the legacy triangle
  • Include words, symbols or images that are distasteful and reflect poorly on the university

Unique logos may:

  • Use their unique logo alongside the university logo but only according to the Brand Standards Guide
  • Include symbols or icons that identify with their umbrella organization (I.e. Greek letters, existing logo, seal), if they meet standards outlined by that organization

*The Chief Marketing Officer and Brand Manager, in consultation with licensing supervisors at Mines, will consider exceptions to this rule on a case-by-case basis but for the most part will reject requests for using official Mines logos.

Approved elements for student organization branding

Unique logos can:

  • Can use “MINES”
  • Can use brand colors – blue, orange, gray
  • Can use official unit identifier from sponsoring department
  • Can, and are encouraged to, use “Colorado School of Mines” as part of the official name

Prohibited elements for student organization logo branding

Unique logos cannot:

  • Cannot use Blaster as part of their logo
  • Cannot refer to the university as “CSM”
  • Cannot use Block M as part of their logo or as a standalone letter
  • Cannot use the trademarked triangle as part of their logo
  • Cannot recreate or illustrate official trademarks