Student Organization policies

The purpose of this page is to assist student organizations in acquainting themselves with the policies and guidelines that govern the use of logos in their work.

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Student Organization Guidelines

All registered student organizations at Mines are subject to the following guidelines regarding:

  • Usage of Mines wordmarks within student organization logos
  • Review of designs on merchandise/apparel
  • Using and maintaining a website under SAIL
  • Social media policies
  • Co-branding with Mines and national or international organizations

These guidelines apply to all registered student organizations, student-run organizations receiving and using Mines funding, and fraternities and sororities.

Unique Student Organization Logos

Registered student organizations may create a unique logo that is subject to the guidelines listed below and approval by the Communications and Marketing Office.

Mines Communications and Marketing does not produce the logos, and student organizations must incur all costs related to production of unique logos.

Apparel and Merchandise Note

There must be an unmodified Mines logo on all merchandise and apparel items. This can include either the MINES or COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES wordmark, the Legacy Triangle or the institutional mark.

Unique logos may not

  • Include the registered Colorado School of Mines legacy triangle or Blaster within the logo
  • Include words, symbols or images that are distasteful and reflect poorly on the university
  • Include Mines logos that are stacked, skewed, modified or touching other symbols, shapes, trademarks, objects, etc.

Unique logos may

  • Be used alongside the university logo, but only according to the Brand Standards Guide
  • Include symbols or icons that identify with their umbrella organization (i.e. Greek letters, existing logo, seal), if they meet standards outlined by that organization
  • Include symbols of donkeys or burros as long as the symbol does not have a stick of dynamite in its mouth or a pack/shovel on its back

Unique logos can

  • use “MINES”
  • use brand colors – blue, Colorado Red, gray
  • use “Colorado School of Mines” as part of the official name
  • use Mines iconography styles
Unique Logos

Unique logos cannot

  • use Blaster as part of their logo
  • refer to the university as “CSM”
  • use Block M as part of their logo or as a standalone letter
  • use the trademarked triangle as part of their logo
  • recreate or illustrate official trademarks
  • include language or symbols representing violence, alcohol or drugs
  • include language or symbols featuring distasteful or offensive topics
Unique logo no's

Co-branding national or international organizations

Best Practices:

  • First choice is to use the provided lockup from the parent organization
  • Second choice is to add the preserved Colorado School of Mines text treatment.
  • Do not modify the parent organization logos in any way
  • Usage: Do not alter the parent organization’s marks, format or colors in any way
  • Review usage guidelines on the parent organization’s site
Co-Branding Examples


The Institutional Mark

It is encouraged that student organizations use the official/unaltered Mines logo or wordmark on apparel and merchandise.

The term, “logo,” refers to a mark that has been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and serves as the primary identifying symbol of the university. Logos cannot be modified, skewed or stacked with other elements.

The term, “design,” refers to a graphic element that has been developed for creative purposes or to illustrate concepts on T-shirts, handouts, websites and more. Designs do not feature trademarked elements.

Center stack logo

Colorado School of Mines Center Stack Logo

Side stacked logo

Colorado School of Mines side stack logo

MINES Wordmark

Colorado School of Mines holds the trademark on the word “Mines” within the context of higher education. The word “Mines” may be used on merchandise and apparel, as long as it features the circle R at the end. It is not recommended to format “Mines” using script fonts.

Colorado School of Mines wordmark
Mines wordmark

Orediggers Wordmark

The Orediggers wordmark is only permitted to be used on materials related to Athletics and school spirit such as uniforms and Mines Athletics marketing.

Orediggers Wordmark

The Mines ‘M’

While the M on Mount Zion overlooks the Mines campus, this symbol should only be used on special recognitions for friends or people familiar with the school.

Never use the “M” logo.

Mines M logo

Blaster the Burro

This mark may be used on Athletics materials, from uniforms to print and digital media.

Blaster should not be used on student organization materials.

Blaster the Burro

Social Media Branding

Tips for profile photos

  • Be mindful of the size your logo will appear on social media.
  • Profile photos and avatars should be balanced within the circle crop shape
  • Avoid horizontal logos
  • Use stacked marks when possible
  • Simplify your profile photo and avatar to just the icon in your logo if text looks crammed
Social Media Branding Examples

Websites for student organizations

To obtain a website, student organizations should email Marilynn Gallegos ( with SAIL.

Access to your template is provided after successfully completing a 45-minute online training session that covers website fundamentals and accessibility best practices.

Website template guidelines

  • Adhere to the template design and theme without deviations
  • Ensure the SAIL logo remains in the white header
  • Preserve the top header links; do not remove or alter “My Mines, News, etc”
  • Retain the footer disclaimer
  • Seek approval for student organization logos before adding to your website
Student Organization Template Example