Social Media

Social media is a great tool to enhance our university’s brand and reputation while connecting directly with Orediggers around the world. The Mines Communications and Marketing Office can help you utilize social media to reach a wider audience. You can find us on any of these platforms:

Do you need a social media account?

Properly managing a social media account takes a lot of time and energy, and it can take years to build an audience. Our Communications team has tactics for departments and organizations to use social media without needing to build independent accounts. However, if you still plan on starting or managing an account, be sure to review our guidelines and register the account.

Being Social Without an Official Account

Mines already has a massive, centralized online presence with thousands of followers on the main social platforms. Rather than starting an account from scratch, consider these options using our existing channels:

These are just a few of the possibilities. Email for more information.

Best Practices

While every account is different, here is some general advice:

Develop a Social Media Strategy

You need a robust, detailed document that identifies your goals and how you’ll reach them. A good strategy outlines your audience, channels, the type of content you’ll share on each channel and the sources you’ll share from (like the Mines Newsroom or Daily Blast).

Make Time

Social media is time-consuming and easy to neglect on a busy day, but it’s important to stay active and engaged. Expect to look in daily. Be sure to follow and respond to posts by other Mines-affiliated accounts and personnel, and respond to comments on your posts.

Dig In

Learn through experience. Look at what other departments and organizations are doing. Research creative posts and develop your voice on social. Follow Mines and our affiliates and encourage us to follow you back by registering your account. Visit Mines’ Accessibility Guidelines for Social Media website.

Analyze the Data

Posts with beautiful photos outperform posts without photos. Analyze your data and see what works. Sometimes you need to mix veggies with the dessert—meaning sometimes you need to post a beautiful photo to pull people in, then you can post the graphic of an upcoming lecture.


Dos and Don’ts


You Should

⚒️ Be authentic and human

⚒️ Be accurate and helpful

⚒️ Tag Colorado School of Mines when appropriate

⚒️ Engage in conversations

⚒️ Report others who you believe are posting content that violates our policies or who you believe have been hacked

⚒️ Use Mines gifs by searching “Orediggers” on Giphy and hashtags like #HelluvaEngineer,  #MinesLife, #FutureOredigger, #ApplyMines and #MinesAlumni

⚒️ Use appropriate accessibility tools including closed captions on videos and Alt Text on images. Learn more on the Mines Accessibility website.


You shouldn’t …

⚒️ Impersonate others or imply a connection with a person or organization with which you are not associated

⚒️ Share emergency communications that have not been verified by our primary accounts or distributed through a Mines Alert

⚒️ Share personal or political views. Do not: threaten or verbally abuse other users; post personal attacks; use obscene, profane or defamatory language; post sexual innuendo; or deliberately disrupt discussions with repetitive messages, meaningless messages or spam

⚒️ Delete comments unless they are known to be spam, harassing or violate the Mines Code of Conduct