Logos, trademarks and downloads

Mines’ legacy triangle suggests movement and change as the school adapts and reacts to the needs of the world. It’s a bold mark — paired with a slab serif typeface — that reflects our stature in the world today while respecting the significant accomplishments of our past. Applied consistently and cohesively, the logo makes a contemporary, future-oriented, sophisticated impression. We are Mines, a leader of the 21st century.

Mines logos are registered trademarks. When using these marks, please do not alter the artwork in any way, and do not stack, skew or modify them.


All materials should include an approved Mines signature/logo, use the Mines color palette and follow typography guidelines. It is encouraged that students and student organizations use the approved Mines logos, but they must seek permission first.


The university’s name and identifying marks are officially licensed and are therefore protected and regulated by several offices at Mines. For approval to use the various logos, review the contacts below:

  • Mines logo on products and apparel, request approval from Lisa Goberis with Student Life Business Services
  • Mines logo in print or digital medium, request approval from Christina Vessa with Communications and Marketing
  • Blaster, request approval from Tim Flynn with Athletics
  • If you have any questions, contact Christina Vessa

Anniversary lockup

Colorado School of Mines anniversary lockup

The MINES@150 anniversary lockup should be used during the anniversary year and when celebrating the institution’s 150th anniversary, such as events, digital spaces, gifts in the form of merchandise and apparel, magazines and publications from spring 2023-fall 2024. This mark may be used by academic and administrative offices, programs, units and departments around campus. Using this mark is an opportunity to highlight our long, established history and indicate to our celebration of the anniversary.

Examples of these items include the following:

  • Mines Magazine
  • MINES.edu
  • Apparel and merchandise ordered by departments, units and offices as giveaways or gifts
  • Event invitations and materials
  • Brochures and paper marketing materials related to the anniversary
  • Banners and backdrops that have a lifespan of 1-2 years
  • Advertisements

Download the anniversary lockups for web (RGB)

Download the anniversary lockups for print (CMYK)

Institutional mark (no 150)

Colorado School of Mines institutional logo

The Colorado School of Mines institutional mark should be primarily used on materials that have a long shelf life or serve as primary recruitment tools for external audiences. Academic and administrative communications and marketing materials should default to this mark.

While the university owns the trademark on the word “Mines,” and this word easily identifies the university to familiar audiences, there is also a variation that features the full wordmark “Colorado School of Mines.” The version with the full name may be used for small spaces where the text within the Legacy Triangle is illegible, or in instances where we are communicating with external audiences who are unfamiliar with the university.
Download the institutional lockups in RGB

Download the institutional lockups in CMYK

Examples of items that should use the institutional mark include the following:

  • Environmental branding, such as pole banners, wall decals, statues, glass and other permanent displays
  • Building signage and building displays that are permanent
  • Staff clothing or uniforms that have a long shelf life and can be reused for years
  • Campus vehicle fleets
  • Stationery items, such as business cards, letterhead and envelopes
  • Recruitment materials such as program flyers, Admissions email marketing campaigns

Do not use the institutional marks with the “Mines” or “Colorado School of Mines” wordmark on apparel and merchandise – instead, default to the standalone legacy triangle (information below).

Colorado School of Mines Legacy Triangle

The Colorado School of Mines horizontal logo consists of the Legacy Triangle paired with the wordmark, aligned horizontally to form the full signature. This variation is commonly used on academic and administrative materials, recruitment pieces and marketing collateral.

When using this application in small spaces, keep in mind that the minimum reproduction size for the horizontal signature is 2 inches wide.

Legacy Triangle (merchandise and apparel only)

Colorado School of Mines Legacy Triangle

The Mines legacy triangle is a bold mark that reflects our stature in the world today, while respecting the significant accomplishments of our past. The standalone legacy triangle translates well to embroidery and print and may be used as the preferred mark on merchandise and apparel items.

Download the legacy triangle logos in RGB

Download the legacy triangle logos in CMYK

When to use the legacy triangle by itself

  • Apparel and merchandise
  • Plaques and special recognitions, such as pins

Do not use the standalone legacy triangle on:

  • Academic marketing materials
  • Academic informational materials, such as the catalog or department websites
  • Administrative communications
  • Any website applications
  • Recruitment materials
  • Advertisements

Unit identifiers

Colorado School of Mines unit identifier

The Mines unit identifier serves as a consistent way for offices, departments and units to identify themselves in ways that utilize the Mines trademarks. The unit identifier will never contain mention of the 150th anniversary and will always utilize the MINES trademark in the Worker, slab serif font. The unit identifiers are the only approved secondary logos across campus and must be officially requested from the Communications and Marketing team.

Unit identifiers should only be used on materials for internal audiences or audiences who are familiar with the university. For all other materials facing external audiences, please default to the guidance regarding institutional and anniversary marks above.

Examples for usage:

  • Materials promoting campus-wide events for the Mines community
  • Poster and flyers that will be displayed on campus
  • Merchandise and apparel related to a specific department, office or unit

To request a unit identifier, please complete a Communications and Marketing request form.



  • The legacy triangle is the reuleaux with the pick, pike, and candle.
  • The wordmark is the part of the logo that says MINES or COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES.
  • The institutional logo is the legacy triangle along with the wordmark.
  • The anniversary lockup is the institutional logo with reference to the 150-year anniversary.
  • The contemporary triangle is the empty triangle visual that is being retired from use.

We’re developing new signage for a building or parking lot, what logo should we use?

The legacy triangle should be used on new buildings and signage with the Mines wordmark where space allows. In some cases, the logo may stand alone without the wordmark. If you need assistance, please connect with communications@mines.edu for guidance.

Does signage need to be replaced?

When a sign is ready to be replaced or you are creating a new sign, please use the institutional logo (legacy triangle) with the Mines wordmark where space allows. In some cases, the logo may stand alone without the wordmark. If you need assistance, please connect with communications@mines.edu for guidance. Several highly visible signs will be replaced over time. Replacing logos is a long process and we anticipate inconsistencies as we transition, particularly in physical locations.

I want to print materials for a prospective student audience, what logo should I use?

Please use the institutional logo on all recruitment materials for prospective students. Because this group is external-facing, the version with “Colorado School of” should be used to help emphasize who we are.

We’re hosting an alumni event, what logo should we use on invitations?

The anniversary lockup (the institutional logo with reference to the 150-year anniversary) can be used on event materials for alumni.

Why are we reverting to the legacy triangle, I thought we were moving away from that?

It’s an exciting time to be at Mines as we reach our 150th anniversary. The legacy triangle hearkens to our past, carries through to our present and future possibilities, and helps celebrate this significant milestone. During an anniversary year, the legacy triangle is a good way to represent our past with a visual that resonates deeply with our community. Many members of our community, including alumni, were involved in testing a potential new Mines logo as part of our branding research in 2022. The result of that effort showed a clear affection for our legacy mark. While contemporary versions of the logo were tested, the legacy mark in its original form proved to be the preferred visual to represent Mines. Given we are reaching a significant milestone here at Mines – our 150th anniversary – it’s an opportunity to reference our past while representing our stature in the world today.

Can we continue to use earth, energy and environment?

You may continue to use earth, energy, environment as a headline, sub-headline or within text on marketing materials and communications. However, it will not be displayed within the university’s logo moving forward. Earth, energy, and environment helps to provide context around what we do at Mines, but it’s not inclusive of all we do. Use at your discretion when relevant to your area and use when context is needed.

How do I know whether to use the 150th anniversary logo or the institutional logo? Can we include both?

During the anniversary year, we encourage use of the 150th anniversary logo to help celebrate this milestone. For many external-facing audiences, the institutional logo will be more appropriate. Avoid placing both logos on the same materials.

How do I know whether to use the MINES@150 campaign logo or the 150th Anniversary logo?

All academic, administrative, campus departments, offices and units should use the 150th anniversary logo on materials related to the university’s anniversary. The MINES@150 campaign logo will only be used by the Foundation and Alumni Office.

How do I know whether to use the logo with “Colorado School of Mines” or just “Mines”?

The preferred version depends on the usage. The full “Colorado School of Mines” logo may be used on small applications where the legacy triangle is illegible, when communicating to external audiences, on digital advertisements and on the website/homepage of mines.edu. The version with just “Mines” may be used on large applications, internal communications, merchandise and apparel, and for communications to audiences familiar with the university. Additionally, the version with just “Mines” should be used when “Colorado School of Mines” in the triangle is clearly visible.

If I am purchasing merchandise and apparel, do I need to submit a purchase order?


If my purchase of branded merchandise is less than $5,000, do I still need to submit a purchase order?


Do I need a purchase order if I purchase a shirt from the Bookstore?