Merchandise, licensing and vendors

All merchandise and apparel items featuring Mines trademarks must be produced by a licensed vendor. To access the latest list of licensed vendors, please download the list here.

Student organizations must abide by the licensing policy when printing branded apparel and merchandise, including T-shirts, pens, water bottles and other swag items featuring Mines trademarks.

If university offices, departments, individuals or organizations purchase branded items from non-approved vendors, there may be instances where the university will not be able to cover the cost of those items.

For more information regarding merchandise, licensing and vendors, please contact Lisa Goberis.

Interested in becoming a licensed vendor with Mines?

For vendors interested in becoming licensed with the university, please visit to download and print the application:

  • Icon representing online checklistOnce you are at the home screen, please select the “licensing” tab located in the top navigation bar.
  • Scroll down to the first area on the left side of the page and select “download application for license.”
  • The application will appear on your screen.

Once the application is received by CLC, it will be reviewed, and if approved, a licensing packet, including a contract, will be sent to you. You’ll need to sign this and send it back to CLC.

Branded merchandise and apparel

Branded merchandise and apparel

If you are printing items that have a shelf life of more than one year, we recommend using the institutional lockup in a one-color format, as shown above. For items facing external audiences, or more general in nature, the full institutional logo with “Colorado School of Mines” may be used. For items that are only internal-facing, the unit identifier may be used. For items that have small imprint areas, either of the wordmarks may be used.

Colorado School of Mines branded apparel

For items and apparel that will be used as gifts or giveaways, the anniversary logo may be used in a one-color format, as shown above.

For specific merchandise and apparel questions, please contact