Research Center logo policies

The purpose of this page is to assist research centers in acquainting themselves with the policies and guidelines that govern the use of logos in their work.

Research Center Logos

Research centers & institutes at Colorado School of Mines will be furnished with an official logo lockup for use on correspondence, digital, print and physical pieces.

Official logo lockups should be requested through the project request form. Once provided, the center or institute should maintain these assets without manipulation. The Mines Communications and Marketing Office will maintain a copy of these assets should they be lost or corrupted.

Nuclear Science and Engineering Center Unit ID

Iconography for Mines-owned centers and institutes

While unique designs or illustrations are not permitted to be paired with the university-provided lockup, Mines-owned research centers and institutes may create icons separate from the lockup based on the guidance below.

Design elements should use a stroke weight of 2pt and may not use shadowing or gradient effects. It is preferred that all icons match the look of the below examples and be created by a university-recommended designer. Design elements should use the Mines primary color palette (HEX #21314D, HEX #92A2BD, HEX #D2492A) to align with the brand and visually communicate that the centers and institutes are part of the university.

Nuclear Science and Engineering Center Unit ID

Unique logos for research centers & institutes in partnership with outside universities/organizations

Centers and institutes that partner with universities, organizations and researchers outside of Mines may create a unique logo that is subject to the guidelines below. The Communications and Marketing Office will not interfere with the creation of these unique logos. However, given each center’s affiliation with Mines, we should be given an opportunity to review each logo prior to final design and delivery.

A list of vendors will be provided for commission by the centers & institutes with an outside freelance designer. Research centers and institutes will incur all costs related to creating unique logos.

Unique logos may not:

  • Include words, symbols or images that are distasteful and reflect poorly on the university
  • Utilize the single-line style of iconography found within the Brand Standards Guide
  • Use the Reuleaux triangle
  • Recreate or illustrate official trademarks
  • Include registered Colorado School of Mines trademarks*

Unique logos may:

  • Be used alongside the university logo but only according to the Brand Standards Guide
  • Use colors outside of the official Mines palette
  • Use unique iconography that does not align with the Brand Standards Guide
  • Use Mines colors

*The Chief Marketing Officer and Brand Designer, in consultation with licensing supervisors at Mines, will consider exceptions to this rule on a case-by-case basis, but for the most part will reject requests for using official Mines logos.

Examples of approved, unique logos for research centers & institutes that partner with outside universities/organizations:

Critical Materials Institute Logo

Merchandise and apparel applications

Official lockups for research centers and institutes are permitted to be used on merchandise but only according to the Brand Standards Guide. If the official lockups are used on merchandise, additional university trademarks should not be included or incorporated into the product. Because official lockups include a trademark, a licensed vendor must always be used when producing merchandise with that mark.

It is recommended that the official lockup is placed on the left chest area, sized at 3- to 4-inches wide, on a dark blue polo shirt.